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January 2012 Capricorn horoscope prediction:

Don't be put off by small things when it is the bigger things that matter the most to you. Everything happens for a reason and eventually it will all fall into place. Have faith and trust in those that are most important in your life and you can't go wrong. Watch out for any slanderous gossip on the 23rd of January once The Sun has left for Aquarius and spurred on by the impending fractures between Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. This gossip could threaten your relationship with others.

You may be grasping at short straws in trying to get what you want out of your career. This month could be the time to change direction and decide what is really the best thing for your to do in the long run. However do remember to always stay positive, success is always achievable with the right amount of hard work and determination which will be assisted all month by the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus and Libra respectively which firmly squares them with Capricorn.

Plan ahead and make sure that you have enough funds for any plans you need to make this month. Do your research and work out were best to make any investments, this can be done any time apart from January 13th. Don't be deceived by any scams or con men particularly in the form of a Gemini man who just wants to get what he can from you by taking advantage of the close conjunction of Pluto and Mercury on the 13th.

Put any travel plans on hold this month, especially on January 13th, until you can make proper arrangements to suit everybody. Make sure you read any small print before embarking on any journey and keep to a tight schedule so that you don't miss vital appointments.

You will get more from your home if you surround yourself with your own comforts and favourite objects. Make any changes necessary by enlisting the help of family and friends who will be only to glad to offer you a hand. A Virgo woman offers you good advice, as long as you do not become embroiled in slanderous gossip around January 23rd spurred on by the fractures between Mercury and Pluto.

The balance between Jupiter and Saturn squared with Capricorn and at opposition with each other in Taurus and Libra is a great stabilising factor for Capricorn in January 2012. The fact that The Sun is inside Capricorn for most of January anyway usually means a time to shine for Capricorn in most years, depending on the exact planetary alignments during The Sun's egress to Aquarius.

For Capricorn, January 2012 is mostly positive, but with one day this month on which you must be on your guard. On January 13th 2012 there is a conjunction between the two smallest planets, Mercury and Pluto, which might otherwise go unnoticed, but with the two largest planets Jupiter and Saturn squared with Capricorn and at opposition with each other in Taurus and Libra, the stabilising effects of the two major planets is largely counteracted, leaving Capricorn completely open to deceptions. Do not sign any contracts on January 13th.

January 2012 Capricorn Summary:
For the most part January 2012, whilst The Sun is in Capricorn like every January, is positive for Capricorn. This year you have the added benefit of the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn which is tending to balance the effects of both planets when squared with Capricorn. However there are two days when you must be weary, the 13th of January during conjunction of Pluto and Mercury which could prove a disaster for an off guard Capricorn financially, and then again on January 23rd as Mercury and Pluto go their separate ways out of the shine from The Sun, which could lead to emotional turmoil if you take relationship advice from the wrong person on that day.

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