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August 2013 Capricorn horoscope prediction:

Relationship wise you may be feeling things have not always gone your way in the last couple of months. Things are changing for the better however, and you need to discuss with your partner your needs for a change. Try not to get in to too many arguments with members of the opposite sex with Mars still at opposition for most of the month.

There are bound to be a few disagreements at work for Capricorn during August 2013 with Mars and Mercury at opposition in Cancer for parts of the month. You need to stand your ground and not get deflected from what you know is right.

Your mind might wonder a little about how best to spend any spare cash on this month and if you are going to buy anything special you should just spend it on yourself.

Capricorn is not the best of travelling companions during August 2013. You will find it difficult to agree on what and where with those who you be with.

Time to sit back and let other people in the home do the hard work. They will not be happy with you for this, but the alternative is listening to the criticism for each one of your actions no matter how good or bad your efforts.

August 2013 Capricorn Summary:
With The Sun no longer in opposition to Capricorn during August 2013, you can relax a little and stop worrying so much about what other people are thinking. You only need to think about yourself for a while. This does not mean you can just become completely selfish. You still have to make the most of the day to day connections with the people around you, but you can spend more efforts pushing your own needs to the fore without unnecessary questioning.
With Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer still at opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, you will be undergoing some changes in how you perceive the world and the people around you. Your standards and what you think will be a successful path will be wavering more than you might like to admit to yourself, and there will be more than one crisis of confidence as this aspect continues. You must look back and rely on the memory of your past successes if you find this happening. You have the ability to cope, you just will not see it clearly at this time. When Mercury passes out of opposition with Capricorn on August 8th the pace of the changes will slow a little, making any new concepts easier to accept in to your life.
Mars moves out of opposition on August 28th, taking with it the sometimes fiery tendency to provoke conflict with members of the opposite sex. If you find there are times when you cannot do anything right in the eyes of certain people you may have to wait until after this date to try reconciliation.

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NEW in 2013: August 2013 Capricorn daily planetary chart »

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