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Traits: Cancerians often come across as timid, shy and withdrawn. On the outside they appear stubborn and rigid but under their tough shell you will find a kind and sensitive person.

Cancerians are romantics and though seen as down-to-earth are prone to fantasy, they are more likely to believe in spirits and psychic powers and are fascinated by anything supernatural. They appreciate art, literature and theatrical drama for which many Cancerians have a talent.

As a career, Cancer will be most interested in public affairs; they are good at organising and will eagerly get stuck into any task. They usually found in the caring profession, as they love looking after and caring for others. They may also be involved in literature or the arts. They have a wide variety of interests and usually have a few different hobbies.

Cancer will be most interested in public affairs

Cancerians have a wide circle of friends; they do get on with most people who find the Cancerian a fascinating, interesting, imaginative character. On the downside Cancerians can be moody, sulky and inclined to self-pity and because they have a slight inferiority complex will often brood over insults, however they do flatter easily.

In relationships the Cancer can be a strong, stable character but not so much that they come across as head strong, rather they can be easily influenced by those they admire. Cancerians are romantic and sentimental, sweeping their partner off their feet. Cancerians are also home lovers and appreciate the stability and security of family life. They are fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones. However they do need to guard against being over emotional and clingy.

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