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Cancer - The Crab - June 22nd - July 22nd

Cancer, The Crab, is the fourth astrological sign of the Zodiac. People born with the Sun is in Cancer are known as Cancerians. The Cancer zodiac period actually begins at the moment of the (northern hemisphere) summer solstice.

In Greek mythology the crab was placed in the sky by the goddess Hera. Hera had tried to murder Heracles, the famous Greek hero, but was thwarted by his incredible powerful strength. Hera then cast a spell on Heracles, causing him to turn insane and commit crime. In order to be forgiven he had to perform twelve tasks, one of which was to destroy the water serpent, Hydra. Whilst fighting against Hydra, the goddess Hera sent the crab to aid Hydra against Heracles. Heracles used his mighty strength to kill the crab by smashing its shell using his foot, he then ate the crab in a stew. As a reward for its services however, Hera still placed the image of the crab into the sky.

Cancer is a Water Sign. Water signs are said to be emotionally reserved, they are intense, imaginative and creative. Cancer is also one of the four cardinal signs associated with initiation, creativity and leadership. Cancer is ruled by The Moon and is associated with the astrological fourth house.

Tropical Zodiac: The Sun enters Cancer on the moment of summer solstice around the 21st or 22nd of June.

Cancer is compatible with the other water signs, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, as well as other Cancers, and is also compatible with earth signs such as Taurus and Virgo.

The colours associated with Cancer are silver and white. The birthstones for June and July are Pearl and Ruby.

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