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June 2012 Cancer horoscope prediction:

If there are any cracks in your relationship, the second week of the month starting on June 7th 2012 is when these cracks could open wide. On the 7th Mercury enters Cancer, always an event to wreak negative changes. To compound this Mercury is trined with The Moon in Capricorn at the same time. The combined effects of The Moon and Mercury, the two most changeable of planets, could make this time quite uncomfortable for Cancer. The effects could well last right past the ingress of The Sun on June 21st, as The Moon and Mercury at this point are actually at a conjunction in Cancer. Beware.

The end of June in any year is always a chance for the Cancer career to shine with the help of The Sun in Cancer. As noted above, don't allow the combined effects of the Lunar conjunction with Mercury to affect relationships with work colleagues of the opposite sex at this time. Allow them to take the lead, and then gain the rewards for simply doing your own job to the maximum.

June 2012 will be an up and down month financially for Cancer. Having The Moon and Mercury affect The Sun in various ways through the month might make it prudent to put off any large financial decisions for a few weeks.

A couple of days away from home with the boys if you are male, or the girls if you are female, will be a good idea at times throughout the month. You may be best advised to avoid any outdoor activities with a mixed group, as you will often face the prospect of being the receptacle for the frustrations of members of the opposite sex.

Some days you can win, other days you can only lose, but that is what families are for. As much as possible this month you must stay calm and simply allow those around you to loose their heads as and when it happens. You have no control over the feelings of others so stay out of the argument. If you do get involved expect members of the opposite sex to take sides against you one day, and be totally on your side a couple of days later, such is the effect of The Moon and Mercury on The Sun in and around Cancer this month.

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