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January 2012 Cancer horoscope prediction:

If your love life is become mundane and boring while The Sun is at opposition in Capricorn, it is up to you to spice it up by being a little bit more adventurous and daring. You will certainly receive more appreciation for it. Remember there is nothing sexier than an optimistic and confident person. Take the opportunity of a hot Mercury around January 16th when your passions will be at their highest.

Incorporate some new and fresh ideas in your work if you want to be taken more seriously. You have the capabilities to further your career and it is only you that can prove it to others. But don't be discouraged you will get the chance later on this month after The Sun has moved out of opposition with Cancer by January 22nd and in to Aquarius when others will once again be mesmerised by your imagination and originality.

Be careful not to divulge to too many people how much income you have as this could attract unsavoury characters to your door. Be wise on how you spend your money. A Gemini offers you an opportunity to make a small investment that will reap benefits for you in years to come.

Don't allow minor mishaps put you off from embarking on your trip. You have waited long enough for this once in a lifetime chance so just do it and forget those that oppose your plans, they are just jealous. Have faith in your own judgment.

You are allowing events from the past to affect what is happening in the present. The people in your life now are what is important, decide where your priorities lie and take it from there. A Capricorn woman will share a secret with you on the 9th of this month just as The Moon is in Cancer at opposition with The Sun, and it may be time to allow some home truths to be known.

Your emotions will be running hot and cold this month, but will be very hot around the 16th of January with Mercury at opposition with Cancer in Capricorn and counteracting The Sun and the shadow it had been casting on Cancer. Make the most of this emotionally charged day for some love making!

Cancer often feels a little low during January as The Sun is at opposition in Capricorn, and you feel like nothing will go your way, but this can be overcome with a little self confidence. Don't let The Moon in Cancer at opposition with The Sun on January 9th add to your woes.

January 2012 Cancer Summary:
During January 2012 it is up to you as a Cancer to make the most of things for yourself. With The Sun in Capricorn for most of this month you will feel its opposition to your progress, and at times your emotions could well suffer as a result. By January 22nd The Sun has past the cusp and moved in to Aquarius, and Cancer can come out of the shadows and shine a little more, especially in the workplace. And if it is love you are looking for, look to the emotional influence of Mercury on 16th of January to boost your self confidence and give you a little more spice to be going on with!

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