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April 2013 Cancer horoscope prediction:

April 2013 is mostly a peaceful month for Cancer romantically, but the Pluto retrograde motion at opposition in Capricorn on April 12th 2013 could put a spanner in the works. You must take care to communicate your true feelings and not allow your partner to put two and two together and come up with five. There is a large chance that your lover could jump to entirely the wrong conclusion about you unless you open up and keep speaking to each other.

Generally this is a good month for Cancer to advance in the workplace, apart from the Pluto retrograde as previously stated. Other people could well get the wrong idea about you and any gossip directed your way will not be helpful. Make sure your close colleagues know all the facts and thy will be on your side.

You may feel a little under pressure at times this month as the varying needs of everyone around you will via for your attention. Do not be tempted to splash out on anything lavish just to keep someone on your side, this could only ever be a temporary fix. After The Moon comes back through Cancer from April 16th you can assert your own control on everything and not be swayed by anyone.

You must make your own decisions this month and don't simply tag along with anyone. Once The Moon arrives in Cancer on April 16th 2013 you should make your own travel plans and let anyone who wants to come along for the ride fit in with what you want.

There will be times during April 2013 an the Pluto opposition retrograde on the 12th when you will be out of favour with some people. That is up to them however. Stick to your own plans on what should and should not be done around the house and let other friends and family members do their own thing. Do not let other peoples family disagreements get in your way.

April 2013 Cancer Summary:
For Cancer, April 2013 can be a period for you to relax and put your feet up, rather that needing to get out there and make progress. There is little in the way of outside influence now The Sun and inner planets have moved out of squared aspects with Cancer. You simply have nothing to prove to anyone during April 2013.
There is one event of note for Cancer in April 2013, Pluto at opposition in Capricorn turns retrograde on April 12th. Pluto in retrograde is something that happens every year but with little outside influence on both Capricorn and opposition Cancer this month the effects will be much more profound than usual. The 2013 Pluto retrograde certainly packs a punch. Expect your one to one relationships, whether with friends, family or colleagues to become strained. Your romantic partner will intuitively know there is something amiss around this time. You need to stand up on your own two feet and push your way through this period. You may feel the urge to let others take the lead but this will be counter productive for Cancer.
Luckily for Cancer a few days after the Pluto opposition retrograde Cancer's ruling Moon comes to the fore and pushes everything back the other way. You may not come out of this completely settled, but you will not feel much of the possible negative connotations as a result.
Take your time and let the rest of April 2013 come to you.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Cancer daily planetary chart »

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