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April 2012 Cancer horoscope prediction:

If the same issues keep recurring in all your relationships it may be time to question your own behaviour. It's all about giving as well as taking and be totally honest about your feelings towards your partner, only then you will be able to move things further.

Don't put all your eggs into one basket. Keep your options open and eyes peeled for any opportunities that may just crop up. You only have yourself to blame if you allow a chance of promotion to pass you by.

This month will be an exciting time for you as a money making opportunity comes your way. Make the most of it but also be sure that you sign any important documentation to safe guard your investments.

Choose your travelling companions wisely and your trip this month should be less chaotic. Not everyone is compatible so you may need to practice tact. A Sagittarius woman has a little surprise that will delight you.

Someone close to you will require your help this month. Try and be patient and understanding without being judgmental. Keep everything to yourself that you hear and don't be tempted to gossip as this could backfire on you.

April 2012 Cancer Summary:
Dig a little deeper before making a final decision, don't be too hasty as this may lead to your downfall if you pick the wrong choice. All you need to do is trust your intuition and you can't go wrong. Disregard idle gossip, people will say anything to be noticed, don't lower yourself by repeating it.

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