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Traits: Aries are adventurous, they love to explore the big wide world, unsurprisingly they love to travel and full of energy spend a lot of time searching for new places to go.

Career wise the Aries will often strive to reach the top, they are born leaders and love to take charge, they may come across as being domineering however they do show a genuine concern for others and like to be responsible for others. They are open to new ideas and welcome a challenge, though on the downside Aries tend to be also reckless and a little foolhardy and this could lead to their downfall.

Aries love to explore the big wide world

The Aries are headstrong, self- reliant but seen as self- centred at times. They can be easily offended, quick tempered which causes the occasional argument. However the quick wit and confident Aries will win many a person over, the Aries love to talk about their wild and wacky adventures, few people will be bored listening to an Aries. They are certainly the life and soul of any party.

In relationships the Aries can be over domineering and headstrong. It will be hard to tie down the freedom loving Aries however the Aries have also a strong sense of romance and can be passionate, thoughtful and generous to their partners often putting them on a pedestal.

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