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The Aries lover positive traits:

The Aries Lover negative traits:

Aries have a natural abundance of energy and sexual magnetism others find so appealing. At the very start of a relationship, Aries will want it all, romance, passion and excitement. The Aries, both male and female, loves a challenge. An Aries man will chase you until he captures your heart. An Aries woman will go about it in a far more subtle way until she gets exactly what she wants. It is the thrill of the chase more than the actual conquest that entices Aries.

When in love with an Aries, keep the fires burning by often springing little surprises to keep them on their feet. Aries love mystery and intrigue, remember Aries get bored very easily and dislike sticking to the same routine day in and day out. They will expect you to be positive in mind, body and spirit. Aries will always defend you and look up to you but try not to overshadow their accomplishments as they can secretly resent this. Aries will happily allow you to take control over daily mundane tasks but they like to be the ones who make major decisions. They also find criticism hard to take.

Aries may come across as domineering but the last thing they want is a submissive partner. They also dislike jealousy and possessiveness and will run a mile from anyone who displays these traits. Though Aries may like to chase you, never ever chase them as they find this to be a major turn off.

Aries men will put their partners up on a pedestal and will expect utmost loyalty and faithfulness from them. Aries women will expect their partner to support them in their dreams and ambitions.

Once Aries achieve what they want, there is a danger of becoming restless; this is why it is so important to keep the romance and passion going in the relationship. However, Aries love a challenge and will do their utmost to prevent the ending of a relationship but once badly hurt they will leave never to return.

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