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August 2012 Aries horoscope prediction:

A breakdown in communication could lead to disagreements and a few arguments between you and your partner. You may need to back off for a bit to allow for any reconciliation to take place after the August 22nd Virgo Solar ingress.

You feel that you are up against a colleague of the opposite sex, harsh words will be spoken between you both, allow the dust to settle before agreeing to disagree. A compromise will soon be reached but only once the August Aries conjunction of The Moon and Uranus has passed.

You may be a little uncertain whether or not to part with your hard earned cash on what you consider to be far fetched. You would be wise to look into it more thoroughly, you will soon discover more than you bargained for.

Wait until nearer the end of the month when things start to improve for you before you embark on any journey. Allow others to have their say then in a calm and quiet manner, say your piece. Everything will work out for the better in the end.

There is some upheaval this month and you will have some serious discussions with certain family members. You may end up having to make some sacrifices and cut backs just to keep the peace.

August 2012 Aries Summary:
Don't allow Mars and Saturn at opposition in Libra to confuse issues, especially around the August Aries conjunction of The Moon and Uranus. Partnerships strain as Aries generally will have difficulties with male female interactions. Wait for the August 22nd Virgo Solar ingress to attempt reconciliations.

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