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April 2013 Aries horoscope prediction:

Throughout April the focus of The Sun in Aries in combination with the combined effects of Venus and Mars does not make for an easy time in love. You cannot do anything practical about this, relationship conflict is just your lot this month. The only good news for Aries is that this will ease towards the end of the month and you can begin the efforts to make amends with your partner.

The first couple of weeks of April 2013 will be something of a slog for Aries. Just keep your head down and work at your job without regard for others. Once The Sun leaves Aries on April 19th you will be a lot freer to make some career progress. Don't expect too much though. It's just not your month.

With your ambitions at a low point you will actually find it easier to get through April with some cash remaining at the end of the month. Relax and keep things back for next month when you will be a good mood for some retain therapy.

If you do go anywhere this month it will probably just be you getting out of the glare from those around you. If you need some me time just take some time away. You will feel all the better for it.

April 2013 is not the best month to try and get your point across. There are things that need to be completed in the home, but you will find some people would rather pick an argument with you rather than get things sorted. Do not try to press the issue. Better to try again later in the month.

April 2013 Aries Summary:
April 2013 could prove an emotionally difficult time for Aries. As ever The Sun spends most of April in Aries, bringing a deep focus on all Aries in general. Add to this the conjunction of The Sun with Venus and Mars in Aries on April 7th, and there is a large every opportunity for relationship problems. Such an intense alignment will be affecting many other signs too, so you will not be the only one feeling this, but as the hosting sign you will have the most heightened awareness of the aspects. Other people are bound to feel this and you will be under pressure to cope with everyone else's hang ups and dilemmas as well as your own. The New Moon in Aries on April 10th will be a particular day for people to bring their worries your way.
Once Mercury enters Aries on April 13th, the pace of the bombardment could well increase leaving you with a feeling you have no time to yourself. You might just want to get away from it all and have some me time.
With regard to the impositions from other people, expect things to ease for Aries once The Sun moves out and in to neighboring Pisces on April 19th 2013 followed by Mars the next day. Luckily for Aries by this point the Venus Mars conjunction has also passed leaving you with less of your own romantic issues to confront. This could well be a time for you to reconcile all that was wrong between you and your partner earlier in the month.
For the remainder of April with only Mercury and Uranus in Aries it is high time for some free thinking. Make the most of this unusual aspect to plan some big moves in your life. This is an especially good time for you to make some career decisions. What would you like to achieve?

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