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Aquarius in love: Friendship never ends.

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The Aquarius lover positive traits:

The Aquarius Lover negative traits:

When meeting Aquarius for the first time, other signs are attracted to their friendly and witty demeanor. Aquarius may shy away from deep emotional involvement in the beginning of a relationship but you can expect total loyalty, honesty and faithfulness once Aquarius falls in love.

Aquarius cares deeply for those they are close to, they will want to be your best friend as well as your lover. Though Aquarius has a highly imaginative and creative mind they will support and cultivate your ideas as well as their own. Aquarius will seldom argue as they are usually unbiased and tolerant and will try and understand others point of view. They are good at remaining calm in the heat of the moment.

Aquarius will stay in a relationship as long as they are also given their own personal space and freedom. Aquarius will become discontent if a partner becomes too demanding or is easily jealous. Though Aquarius likes to dominate they expect their partner to be as independent as they are and have a mind of their own to follow their own dreams. They may even prefer to live apart sometimes.

Aquarius is more of an intellectual than a romantic so it is better to capture their mind with inspiring words and communication rather than being over sentimental. Aquarius can sometimes find emotional outpouring uncomfortable and off-putting. Aquarius can also be quite modest when it comes to sex but appreciate love and devotion that is shown to them. Friendship is a very strong factor in a relationship with an Aquarius; they will often even want to remain good friends long after the relationship is over.

Aquarius men love strong-minded independent women. They want a life long friend as well as partner. Remember to give him his own space and allow him to follow his dreams and you will have a loyal and faithful partner for life.

Aquarius women appreciate a man who is loving and supportive. She likes to be creative and is not interested in making money but will expect her husband to support her in the family home.

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