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January 2012 Aquarius horoscope prediction:

What you hear may just be idle gossip, make sure you find out the truth before you allow suspicion to cloud your mind. With Neptune in Aquarius throughout January 2012 you must be wary of false friends especially those you know who have lied in the past. Show that you are the better person by rising above it. Don't allow the quincunx of Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Virgo on January 7th to cause too much conflict with members of the opposite sex.

A change of career may be what is needed for you to move ahead. This month take the opportunity to think long and hard about what it is you want out of life exactly, then take the first step in that direction. The best day to consider a career change may well be January 13th 2012 during the conjunction of Venus with Neptune in Aquarius, an astrological convergence that would otherwise have caused more problems than it solved. You will only get what you want out of life by sheer determination so give it all you have got. A Gemini woman will guide you in the right direction.

Make it your goal this month to start saving, for too long you have been frivolous with your money. You will reap the benefits in the long run if you learn to be more frugal. Channel your thoughts into getting involved in something much more creative in work or as a hobby, especially if you take the 13th of January conjunction of Venus with Neptune in Aquarius as your target day to start, as this will give you far more satisfaction than simply spending old money buying the latest new gadget.

You needn't go far to have a short break away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. A quiet weekend away will do you the world of good and will clear your mind. A certain Capricorn who wants to spend more quality time with you may come up with an idea or two especially around January 21st and The Sun's ingress to Aquarius from Capricorn.

You have everything at home that you need so stop complaining about what you haven't got and be grateful for what you have. Family and friends are far more important than material things and can't be replaced as easily. A social event arranged on the 14th of January 2012, just as Venus leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, gives you the chance to form new friendships.

Strangely an astrological event this month that would usually cause unpredictable changes for Aquarius could well be something of an opportunity to take charge of. January 13th 2012 during the conjunction of Venus with Neptune in Aquarius is a point that will cause those around you and especially your work colleagues an uncertainty about how to deal with you. This is an occurrence that you can spin to your big advantage. You must be bold. You must take change. But if you do the rewards for your career could be very profitable.

Beware several days on unfortunate planetary alignments for Aquarius during January 2012. On the 7th of January Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Virgo are quincunxed together, something that can often cause conflict between the sexes. Relationships could be under strain on that day. On January 8th there is a square of Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Capricorn which will tend to focus negative energies on Venus in Aquarius. This could well cause something of an emotional turmoil for you, and make you loose confidence in otherwise sound decision making.

January 2012 Aquarius Summary:
January 2012 is something of a boom and bust time for Aquarius. On January 7th and 8th there are two alignments that could negatively impact on you, when Venus in Aquarius comes under negative energy from two different directions. Expect relationship questions to be asked on the 7th, and confidence issues on the 8th. Once those two days are out of the way, January is quite positive for you, with a big day to look out for, January 13th. The main thing to realise about the 13th however, is that fact it is a day of opportunity, but only if you take charge and make it work for you. Those around you will not know how to handle the uncertainty caused by your Aquarius conjunction of Venus and Neptune, and it is up to you to take the lead and get what you want from the moment. January is also the point when The Sun enters Aquarius, always a time for you to shine in friendship and love.

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