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August 2011 Aquarius horoscope forecast:

Think with your mind instead of your heart. Work out what is best for you in the long run, don't allow others to dictate your feelings.

Be grateful for what you have, you may be tempted to make big changes but this month is not the time nor place to do it.

It's not the end of the world, maybe you haven't got lots of money to spend right now but don't forget the simple things in life are often better and are always priceless.

Hold onto to that dream, it may not happen this month or even next month or the month after that but it will happen!

Things are a little chaotic for you right now, something has got to give. Take a little time to spend on your own so you can think more clearly and rationally. It will work.

Despite their position in opposition you will feel the focussed power of the conjunction of The Sun, Venus and Mercury at their peak on August 16th.

Don't allow the passing of The Moon through Aquarius to affect the opposition conjunction in Leo on August 13th.

August 2011 Aquarius Summary:
With The Sun on the opposite side of the Zodiac, August is often a time you feel a little out of the limelight, but this is actually all in your mind and not how friends perceive you. This month is actually a power time for you as shown by the conjunction of The Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo during August especially during the middle of the month. See yourself the way others see you and realize your potential this month.

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