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April 2013 Aquarius horoscope prediction:

Expect this month to be one of plain sailing with you and a loved one, however don't make any issues bigger than they are between the two of you. Allow bygones to be bygones. If single expect excitement as an old flame to return from the past.

You have been somewhat reluctant to speak your mind, being over cautious has prevented you from moving forward. This month will give you the opportunity to show what you are really made of, this is not the time to be shy, be bold and proud of who you are.

Make sure that you don't overspend this month, appreciate and enjoy what you already have. However great the temptation is, there are some things that you can really do without, despite what others have told you.

Don't allow others from preventing you from being where you really want to be. Go ahead and make those travel plans, there is nothing to stop you now. A romantic break with your loved one is just what is needed to smooth everything over.

Instead of trying to please everyone else, this is the time when you really should put your own needs first. Only by sorting out the problems in your own back yard will you be able to see to any others. Learning to give as well as to take is the key.

April 2013 Aquarius Summary:
April 2013 is a month for Aquarius to work on balancing the needs and wants of those around you, but only to fit with your own thoughts and feelings. Too many times in the last few months the differing forces from the combination of The Sun and inner planets and their resulting mood affects put you on the back foot and having to comply with everything from everyone. With the current compliant planetary alignment giving Aquarius a good adaptability of emotion you can build a foundation to get you through the next months ahead of where you otherwise may have thought.
In the workplace is where you can make the most of your opportunities. If you have been overlooked for extra responsibility or left out of things it may well have been due to the planetary effects holding you back. Other people could sense your discomfort and subconsciously passing you by. This month you can assert yourself and make sure you are in the forefront of things. You may even have the confidence to start something new and make your own career path.
Your new found calmness of confidence will help you in other areas too. Nothing is as sexy as someone who is confident about themselves. Make the most of this to build your relationship for the future and come away from the time with a deeper love and understanding between you and your partner.
It is not all plain sailing. For example when The Moon in Aquarius is squared against both Jupiter and Saturn on April 5th the uplift in mood and thought could be knocked sideways. You will feel a similar discontinuity on April 19th when The Moon is at opposition with Aquarius in Leo and in a similar aspect with Jupiter and Saturn. Stay on top of your emotions and don't let these minor problems turn in to major crisis.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Aquarius daily planetary chart »

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