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The 8 Most Accurate Psychics in Australia

When it comes to a psychic reading, it is very important to choose the right guide. Sadly, it is also very easy to fall prey to the wrong sort of people, given the amount of fraud in today’s society. Australia is a country with deep roots in spiritualism and parapsychology, and just in case you [...]

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Chinese Astrology Chart Meanings and Live Readings

Astrology is always one topic that a lot of people would like to understand more but are unable to because of their busy schedules. One of the most popular types of astrology right now is Chinese astrology which has been formulated for a long time. Chinese astrology consists of a twelve year cycle. Each year [...]

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November 2013 Scorpio Total Solar Eclipse

November 3rd 2013 sees a total solar eclipse in Scorpio, the second such event in 12 months. This month’s eclipse takes place in close conjunction with both Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn adds a spiritual tone to this eclipse, compounded by the presence of Mercury, an aid to good health in such aspects. Solar [...]

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Spiritual questions with readings and horoscopes

Get answers to some of your spiritual questions with readings and horoscopes Ever since the beginning of time man has always had a fascination with stars, the planets and outer space, and how they connect with us back on earth. For many people astrology and outer space has a deep connection to all of our [...]

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Mutable Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius Pisces Gemini Virgo

Mutable Zodiac Signs Zodiac signs are grouped in to quadruplicity, based on their qualities as Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. These are some of the main factors in astrology, and shows how each of these signs interacts with the world around them. Mutable means changeable. A mutable sign is better able to adapt to new situations [...]

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Jupiter in Cancer

Astrology is to a large extent, the following of the Sun, Moon and inner planets as they move against the background of fixed stars and more importantly the resonances of these luminaries and inner planets against the slower moving outer planets. The interpretation is of the alignments between the fastest moving of all, the Moon, [...]

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November 2012 Scorpio Solar Eclipse

On November 13th 2012 Scorpio experiences a rare Solar Eclipse. The November 2012 Solar Eclipse can be seen from Northern Australia and across the Pacific Ocean. A Solar Eclipse occurs when The Moon in its orbit comes between The Earth and The Sun and creates a shadow across a small area of The Earth. Solar [...]

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Ophiuchus, Precession and Zodiac changes

For everyone asking about Ophiuchus and changes to the Zodiac and your star sign due to Precession, we will put the record straight for everyone. (This article republished from January 2011) The constellation of Ophiuchus has always been in the Zodiac, ever since the Ancient Greeks mapped the constellations we use in astrology today. Astronomers [...]

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Neptune in Pisces 2012 to 2025

The Planet Neptune, being so distant from The Sun, takes a long time to complete its year. As a consequence, once Neptune enters a Zodiac sign, it is there for a long time. During this orbit Neptune, the modern ruling planet of Pisces, first entered Pisces from Aquarius in 2011, but the retrograde motion soon [...]

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October relationship chances for Scorpio males

With Mars in Scorpio at the beginning of October 2012, many males of that Zodiac sign may see this as a chance to take charge of their own relationship opportunities and in doing so make the most of what they have at present. For Scorpio males who are single, the feeling is this is the [...]

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The origins of western astrological traditions

The origins of our western type of astrology are commonly believed to be from Ancient Greece. A deeper study in to the history of astrology shows how the Egyptians were involved in laying the foundations of ancient Greek astrology based largely on an even earlier Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian teaching. Studies show that as early [...]

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The Influence of Planet Saturn

The Planet Saturn is regarded by many as being the most attractive of all planets. So how does this planet affect us personally? It takes 30 years for Saturn to transit through all 12 signs of the Zodiac, marking important events in each persons life upon it’s return. Saturn governs, ambition, career and hard work. [...]

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