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Air Element Signs: Aquarius Libra Gemini

The three Air Element Signs are Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.

All Zodiac Signs are grouped in to four triplicities based on their Ancient Greek elements that sustain a balanced life force. The other triplicities are the Water Element Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Fire Element Signs: Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, and the Earth Element Signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Air is flexible, mutable and expansive. Air is social, flowing and touching all. Air is the thought behind the idea that others follow.

The Air Element signs are amongst the most thoughtful group in the Zodiac. The main characteristic is of a person who thinks first and acts later. Air signs weigh up the pros and cons and come to a decision based on the objective facts as presented to them. They will often try to analyse a situation from afar rather than jumping in and experiencing the emotions that others feel automatically.

Air signs are able to adapt to any given situation by looking at their options and making the best decision available to them. They are curious about the universe and like to find the answer to life’s big questions. With a wide range of study interests they are also good story tellers. Many journalists, writers and singers are air signs.

Air signs are often the centre of gossip and attention. If something interesting is happening, they will have all the facts and more at their disposal. Their need to take in all the information makes them great conversationalists.

In relationships the need for air signs to keep their distance is not always endearing to everyone, but others find the space this gives them a refreshing alternative to to other signs.

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November 2012 Scorpio Solar Eclipse

On November 13th 2012 Scorpio experiences a rare Solar Eclipse. The November 2012 Solar Eclipse can be seen from Northern Australia and across the Pacific Ocean.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when The Moon in its orbit comes between The Earth and The Sun and creates a shadow across a small area of The Earth.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipses are some of the most challenging times for those Zodiac signs affected, due to the absolute focus of The Sun combined with an immediate New Moon. There are many upheavals and changes likely to be wrought by this event in many different aspects of life. Many people who are particularly attuned to The Sun or The Moon feel the effects beginning and ending a few days either side of the Eclipse.

This year the effects will be most strongly felt by Scorpio, and to a lesser extent on Taurus.

If you are feeling any negative focus around this time the best advice is to hold off and don’t be too forceful or ambitious with new ideas that involve imposing changes on others. They will simply resist. Some people will have any relationship problems show up and if there are any cracks they are likely to widen.

If you sense a storm brewing around the November 13th 2012 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, then best take a short period of respite away from any conflicting emotions and opinions.

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Ophiuchus, Precession and Zodiac changes

For everyone asking about Ophiuchus and changes to the Zodiac and your star sign due to Precession, we will put the record straight for everyone.

(This article republished from January 2011)

The constellation of Ophiuchus has always been in the Zodiac, ever since the Ancient Greeks mapped the constellations we use in astrology today. Astronomers often refer to Ophiuchus as the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac, as it does touch the Zodiac. Ophiuchus however, did not become a part of Astrology in Ancient Greece, it is simply not part of the tradition we follow. This is not going to change.

The constellation of Ophiuchus has always been in the Zodiac

The constellation Ophiuchus

The other part of this mystery is something astronomers call Precession. Precession leads to a gradual change in the position of the sun against the background of stars over time. Over a 26,000 year cycle, the positions in space that the Earth’s north and south polls point at complete a large circle against the background of stars. Effectively the position of the constellations we see in summer and winter respectively change completely over thousands of years. Precession has also been known since ancient times. It is nothing new. Precession also does not affect your birth sign in our traditional form of astrology.

The fact that Precession has slowly moved the constellations away from the positions they were in when our astrological traditions began in Ancient Greece does not change the way astrology works. Astrology asks where are the planets in relation to the Earth, regardless of star positions. The star signs we use today are simply easily understood containers in which we are all put to make things easier to understand. These star signs were set in ancient times. The ancients categorised people by where the sun was against the stars approximately 2500 years ago. Since then, it is the positions of the planets that matter, not the position of the stars, which change over time through Precession.

Your star sign is related to the planetary positions, which we still describe for convenience sake via the constellation positions in Ancient Greece. Planetary positions in relation to the Earth, the things that actually matter, are not affected by Precession. The result? Your star sign (or more correctly called your sun sign) has not and will not change. Leo is Leo. Aries is Aries.

This entire confusion was brought about because some people misunderstood an article by an astronomer describing Precession. The entire confusion is simply a misunderstanding. Your star sign has not changed. Everyone please stop worrying.

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October Libra Scorpio Sun Transition

The main event in any month is the passing of The Sun from the Zodiac Sign in which it commences the month in to the neighbouring constellation. Each October The Sun begins in the Zodiac Constellation of Libra, and enters Scorpio on October 22nd. This is where we get our Star Sign, or more accurately our Sun Sign from. Persons born when The Sun is in a particular constellation are said to be of that sign, in October either Libra or Scorpio. Anyone born on October 22nd around the transition between the two signs is said to be on the Cusp, and will show traits from both signs.

The cusp between Libra and Scorpio is a very difficult one to pin down as the two signs show such opposite characteristics. Libra is the most balanced of personalities and Scorpio is the most contrary. If you were born on October 22nd you will have to let us know your thoughts on the subject, we would love to hear about your experiences.

The exact time of transition will vary from year to year as The Earth orbits The Sun in a little over 365 days, which also gives us our leap years. The exact position of The Sun will determine the precise transition point.

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Fire Element Signs: Aries Leo Sagittarius

The three Fire Element Signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

All Zodiac Signs are grouped in to four triplicities based on their Ancient Greek elements that sustain a balanced life force. The other triplicities are the Water Element Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Air Element Signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, and the Earth Element Signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Fire is controlling, bright and iridescent. You cannot miss a fire. There is no smoke without it. Fire does not stop until it has engulfed everything in its path.

The main features that define people born under fire signs are instinct and passion. If there are issues to be supported fire signs will get the to the crux of the problem and promote their chosen causes vigorously and vociferously. You will have no question on which side of the fence they see themselves. Their ability to inspire others to their passions is also part of the mix. Other signs will be drawn to the outgoing fire sign’s spontaneous sense of fun along the way.

The same enthusiasm in supporting causes can also manifest itself in somewhat self centred and dramatic conversation at times. They are prone to arrogance and likely to be their own biggest fan.

The ability of fire signs to act on impulse makes them difficult to live with at times. Some signs prefer a more predictable life. Daily chores at not on their mind when there are such grand designs to follow.

Fire signs often display a visionary nature that makes them thinkers rather than doers. Expect a fire sign to take charge of the situation and lead the way in to new adventures. Where others have fallen by the wayside fire signs keep going until the end.

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Neptune in Pisces 2012 to 2025

The Planet Neptune, being so distant from The Sun, takes a long time to complete its year. As a consequence, once Neptune enters a Zodiac sign, it is there for a long time.

During this orbit Neptune, the modern ruling planet of Pisces, first entered Pisces from Aquarius in 2011, but the retrograde motion soon took it back across the cusp back in to Aquarius. A confusing effect for all Pisceans and Aquarians attuned to the effects of Neptune.

Neptune re-entered Pisces in February 2012, and will remain here until 2025, a period of domination punctuated by aspects from all of the other faster moving astrological bodies. When the effects of other planets on Pisces are easing, the influence of Neptune will return to the fore.

In many ways the fact Pisces is already ruled by Neptune adds to their generally dreamy and cerebral nature. Pisces do make ideal adviser at those times we need some spiritual guidance. Add Neptune and many Pisces will feel themselves completely conjoined with the divine. Many other people looking at Pisces from the outside may well interpret this as this as being mysterious at best and at times nothing more than a fantastical illusion.

The good news for Neptune in Pisces is the sense of wonderment this will afford their dreams and desires. Expect Pisces to be the bringer of the future to the rest of us over the next decade. Any major advances in theoretical sciences, conceptual arts or new genres of writing or cinema could be driven by the dreams of Pisces.

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October relationship chances for Scorpio males

With Mars in Scorpio at the beginning of October 2012, many males of that Zodiac sign may see this as a chance to take charge of their own relationship opportunities and in doing so make the most of what they have at present. For Scorpio males who are single, the feeling is this is the time to boldly go and seek out pastures new.

But for every Scorpio male, there must be a caution in the approach to members of the opposite sex. There is a limited time to make the most of the Mars male effects on Scorpio, as Mars will soon enter Sagittarius on October 7th 2012. Added to the limited time of Mars in Scorpio is something even more important, the squared effects of Venus in Leo and then is Virgo from October 3rd 2012.

Whilst we would not be as bold as to suggest the flighty and moody Scorpio male should hold back and not even try to make the most of the opportunity afforded by Mars in Scorpio, the October 2012 Scorpio male should do so in the knowledge that they will have to prove more than just boldness of spirit to win their loves greater affections.

The average female can see through any Scorpio man who is all sweet talk with nothing behind it to prove their worth. Both Leo and Virgo females under the affects of Venus will be particularly attuned to seeking out the reasons behind the words of a Scorpio male.

For Scorpio males the first week of October 2012 is a time for you to make some bold moves with your partner, or if single to make the first move with that long admired female. Beware the feminine power the Square of Venus with Mars will bring however, especially if they are either Leo or Virgo girls. Make sure your feelings are true or they will see through the bravado.

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Mars Venus squared in September 2012

The contrasting effects on male and female from the eternal conflict that is alignment between planets Mars and Venus is shown in good measure during September 2012.

For the previous weeks and months Venus has threatened at various times to square with Mars. Mars in turn has done its best to avoid the situation. For every relationship between male and female, not necessarily just romantically, there has been an air of uncertainty in how best to approach members of the opposite sex of various signs. The usual rules of engagement between the genders was mutable as energy flows between the two planets became staccato rather than a steady stream. This could easily manifest itself in tensions within both the workplace and at home, but as always very obviously in the bedroom is where most questions arose.

Two pairings have seen particularly strong conflicting emotions, Leo female with Aquarius male, and Aries female with Libra male, with the Mars and Venus effects reaching a crescendo at the very end of September 2012.

At the end of September 2012 Venus in Leo finally squares Mars in Scorpio. This is a time to choose between some stark options. In work, choose which members of opposite sex you need to make alliances with. At home, which friends and relatives need nurturing and which need distancing. In the bedroom, set the rules and stick to them strictly. This is not a time for affections to wonder outside your permanent relationship.

For singles, if you are looking for a new relationship, as stated above, Leo female with Aquarius male, and Aries female with Libra male will make interesting bed fellows, combinations that are sometimes considered less than auspicious.

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Thoughts on Venus aspects for early August 2012

The week ahead from Monday August 6th 2012 is very busy for anyone sensitive to Venus, once the trine with Neptune on August 9th passes. The main effects people will feel, as Venus trines Neptune, will be all about their creative side. If you were planning a change of scenery within the home, redecoration, even just a new layout to your furniture, this is the week to do it. If you have an artistic side you will feel the benefits in art, music, writing etc. Things will change in the coming days. Everyone will come down to earth with a bang a week later as Venus squares Uranus and opposes Pluto almost at the same time on August 16th 2012. The tendency for people to become more than over emotional when Venus opposes Pluto will stop any creative juices flowing in an instant. Expect this to happen all of a sudden just as the square with Uranus occurs. Make hey while the sun shines and all that.

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The origins of western astrological traditions

The origins of our western type of astrology are commonly believed to be from Ancient Greece. A deeper study in to the history of astrology shows how the Egyptians were involved in laying the foundations of ancient Greek astrology based largely on an even earlier Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian teaching.

Studies show that as early as around 4000 BC the Sumerians of Mesopotamia actively worshiped The Moon, The Sun and The Planet Venus as Gods. To the Sumerians, The Moon was known as Nanna, The Sun was Utu and Venus was Inanna.

The Sumerian rulers were also their priests due to their ability to communicate with The Gods. Some of these priests became the military leaders and eventually their Kings. Sumerian kings would employ a seer or baru-pries. It was the seer’s job to read and interpret the sky. To help communicate with the gods, shrines were built which later became larger structures called ziggurats. These structures were used to map star formations and to watch the skies.

As well as following the usual movement of The Sun and The Moon, the baru-pries also predicted eclipses. Eclipses were some of the most important events in the sky and were usually interpreted as a warning. The Sumerian baru-priests were able to predict eclipses due to their excellent knowledge of mathematics.

At this time, astrology was not in existence as such, the baru-priests were more concerned about predicting natural events in the sky and on earth, such as the the coming of the seasons. Their efforts contributed to the development of both astrology and the science of astronomy. The Sumerians were also responsible for the creation of a working calender by identifying the basic cycles of The Sun, The Moon, planets and stars. It was the Sumerians who first divided our year in to twelve months based on The Moon’s cycles.

Astrology as we now know it begun during the Old Babylonian period in Mesopotamia. The Babylonians, who had taken over from the earlier Sumerians, focused on the predictions that would affect the well being of the King and his lands. The Babylonians associated Venus with love and war because of the planet’s constant appearance and disappearance. Individual birth or natal horoscopes were first formed around 1300 BC, alongside particular personal astrological traits.

The Assyrians later conquered Babylon and developed a more consistent and accurate calender from the earlier Sumerian version. At this time many individual stars were named and some of our common constellations formed. It was during this period when the interpretation of Omens became very important, based on the movement on the planets within the Zodiac constellations.

Through both trade and conquest, astrological ideas had spread all over the region, and became deeply entrenched in the early development of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. Much of Egyptian life and death was ruled by the stars and planets, so much so there is evidence that even the great pyramids at Giza were aligned with the stars in the belt of the constellation Orion.

The Ancient Greek influence on our western astrology came about between the 4th and 5th century BC. Connections with Egypt were growing to the point where Greece ruled Egypt in the 3rd century BC. The Greeks were responsible for developing the rich mythology associated with the planets and our constellations, as well as the astrological traits we use today.

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The Influence of Planet Saturn

The Planet Saturn is regarded by many as being the most attractive of all planets. So how does this planet affect us personally? It takes 30 years for Saturn to transit through all 12 signs of the Zodiac, marking important events in each persons life upon it’s return. Saturn governs, ambition, career and hard work.

It is the planet of restriction, boundaries, limitations, hard work, responsibility, practicality and reality, self doubt and depression.

You find those born with Saturn in Aries, Scorpio and Leo ruthlessly ambitious and will stop at nothing until they reach their life goals, whereas the likes of Gemini, Taurus and Pisces are more laid back and yet are strong minded individuals, known to be creative with good writing and acting skills.

So just how much of an influence does this remarkable planet have on our life long ambitions and goals? Each Zodiac Sign has its own good and bad attributes and yet each and everyone of us has our own special talent, thanks to the impact Saturn has on our lives.

Continue reading: Astrology and Planet Saturn »

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No Venus Mars trine for Gemini and Libra couples

Sometimes relationship wobbles happen for no reason at all. Other times there is something not quite right which leads to the slightest little event sparking questions and accusations. Expect things to move in a the wrong direction in any relationship between a Gemini and a Libra for the next month. At the end of July 2012 Venus in Gemini heads towards but never quite hits a trine with Mars in Libra. This could well lead to a lot of will he won’t he relationship questions without any real foundation. The slightest little thing, a text, a glance, a word at the wrong time, is likely to spark off jealousy and suspicions. Nothing for a Gemini and Libra couple will get resolved before the end of August 2012.

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