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Chinese Astrology Chart Meanings and Live Readings

Astrology is always one topic that a lot of people would like to understand more but are unable to because of their busy schedules. One of the most popular types of astrology right now is Chinese astrology which has been formulated for a long time. Chinese astrology consists of a twelve year cycle. Each year in the cycle is related to an animal sign.

In order to find out what people’s Chinese astrology sign is, this is usually dependent on the Chinese calendar. It has been believed that the actual date of birth of people will differ when it is based on the Chinese date of birth because of the adjustments that are done.

It is widely believed that the way human beings are and their temperament can be highly dependent on the different animal signs that they are assigned to. The personality of each person may depend on the animal signs that they are under. It has also been said that people’s strengths and weaknesses will highly depend on their astrology sign.

If in case you are rearing to get a personal astrology reading, you know that you should search for someone who is good in doing Chinese astrology. Do remember that there are a lot of people who are knowledgeable and skilled. You just have to find the one that will give you the best reading that will help you in your dealings in life.


The different animal signs are the following:

  • Rat – It has been said that people who are born under the year of the rat are usually witty. They are able to adjust to changes easily and this can be something that they can use to become more successful in the long run. They do tend to be stubborn at times and too much stubbornness can also be their downfall.
  • Ox – People who are born under the year of the ox are usually good in anything that is related to agriculture. They are also known to be very diligent and honest about what they do. They may have the tendency to seem distant from people whom they feel will not help them in any way.
  • Tiger – The tiger is always known to be strong and powerful and much is also expected from people who are born under the year of the tiger.  They are able to be straightforward and frank and at the same time, they also get the trust of a lot of people easily. They may tend to become hasty in decision making which results to wrong decisions at times.
  • Rabbit – People who are born under the year of the rabbit are known to be graceful and are very delicate and gentle creatures. They would like to make sure that they will not have enemies. They tend to become too conservative at times and might find it hard to adapt immediately.
  • Dragon – Dragons are known to be highly intellectual and can also be honest and frank about the things that they believe in. They do tend to become over confident at times and this can make them acquire too much work than what they have bargained for.
  • Horse – Those who are born under the year of the horse are known to be generous in giving. They are usually warm hearted and a lot of them are pleasant to be with. At times, they may not be too good with money which can eventually lead to bankruptcy.
  • Snake – People who are born under the year of the snake are known to have a good sense of humor and can easily make other people laugh. They are also gifted in different things and they also tend to be smart and determined in what they do. They may be times when they feel a bit suspicious about other people.
  • Sheep – Those who are born under the year of the sheep are known to be polite and they are also clever. Although most of the time, they have great moods, there are times when they tend to be pessimistic as well.
  • Monkey – When it comes to careers, those who are born under the year of the monkey will be able to pursue what they plan to do. They are born with skills that can benefit them but their shortcomings such as their being selfish can also be a problem.
  • Rooster – Those who are born under the year of the rooster are known to be bright and they are also honest with their dealings but they have the tendency to lose their passion for something when something goes wrong which can leave them with a lot of unfinished tasks.
  • Dog – The dog is known to be very faithful and can be a pleasure to be with. They are also smart and they show courage in the things that they do but there are times when they become too unstable and clingy.
  • Pig – Those who are born under the year of the pig are usually known to know a great deal of chivalry. They can also be gallant with people that they love. They may sometimes trust too much which makes people take advantage of them.

What about you? Do you think that you are also interested in learning more about your Chinese astrology sign? How do you think has your knowledge about it has helped you? Feel free to comment on the box below.


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