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November 2013 Scorpio Total Solar Eclipse

November 3rd 2013 sees a total solar eclipse in Scorpio, the second such event in 12 months. This month’s eclipse takes place in close conjunction with both Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn adds a spiritual tone to this eclipse, compounded by the presence of Mercury, an aid to good health in such aspects.

Solar eclipses are part of a longer term cycle of astrological changes lasting 6 months before and after the eclipse. The principle Zodiac signs effected are always the sign in which the eclipse takes place, in this case Scorpio, and the sign at opposition, in this case Taurus, although all twelve zodiac signs often feel the effects of such a momentous planetary conjunction.

Change is not always for the bad, change can be positive for everyone concerned. There is always a realignment of feelings and emotions prompted by a solar eclipse, and for anyone not at their best, the eclipse could be the start of something big. Put simply, if there is something in your life, especially something of a spiritual nature, you need to take control of, use the possibilities afforded by this month’s eclipse as the start of the changing process. Take the first steps today.

If you are feeling under the weather the eclipse will be something to get you moving in the right direction. If that means you need to make a doctors appointment that you have been putting off, don’t delay any longer.

Do not worry if on the day of the eclipse itself you feel a little lost, this is due to the fact The Sun and therefore your way ahead is obscured for a short time. As soon as The Moon moves away from The Sun the New Moon begins and you can get on with those changes you need to impose.

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