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Mutable Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius Pisces Gemini Virgo

Mutable Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are grouped in to quadruplicity, based on their qualities as Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. These are some of the main factors in astrology, and shows how each of these signs interacts with the world around them.

Mutable means changeable. A mutable sign is better able to adapt to new situations and mould themselves to new ideas and ways. The four mutable Zodiac signs are Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.

Mutable signs adapt to changes imposed on more quickly than other types of sign. They are able to see things from other perspectives and understand other people’s point of view. The are often restless as they strive to find new ways of doing things, easily bringing other people in to the quest and incorporating the ideas of others to find the best path. This flexibility is an asset when channelled in the right direction.

Mutable signs work well in a crisis as they are not phased by the unusual and the unexpected. They can step in and take charge and allow others to get on with their own tasks, whilst others are still taking things in. They can listen to suggestions and are not afraid to move in a new direction if they feel it will be an advantage overall.

On the down side mutable signs can sometimes feel a little lost within themselves. With such a changeable identity and personality they can often be hard to pin down. Their own needs and wants can take a back seat as they try to please those around them.

They can sometimes be persuaded to follow in the wrong direction by someone with an unscrupulous nature and an agenda of their own. Accepting all ideas they can loose sight of the most beneficial direction for themselves.

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