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Full Moon Opportunities For Everyone

The Full Moon, despite the usual perturbances it brings,  for many should be a time to pause and take stock of what is happening. Many people simply do not heed this message however, and we are all familiar with the idea of barking at the moon. There can be bouts of pain and spiritual anguish for anyone who is attuned to the Full Moon, especially for anyone born under Scorpio or Cancer, or with the moon rising.  It really can be a time for Full Moon madness.

full moon and lunar eclipse

full moon and lunar eclipse

Can we learn from others how to best deal with a Full Moon?

One of the things the Full Moon can also do, is reverse things that are not going well for you. The Full Moon affects everyone, and if you are having a bad day, you can seize upon the opportunity to make a fresh effort to get things going in the direction you want. Know it is about to happen, and you can rise above the effects of the Full Moon, and make the most of any opportunities that will be presented to you by other people’s misunderstandings of the effects.

The effects of any full or partial lunar eclipse which can only happen at the time of the Full Moon will doubly have this effect.

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