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Ophiuchus, Precession and Zodiac changes

For everyone asking about Ophiuchus and changes to the Zodiac and your star sign due to Precession, we will put the record straight for everyone.

(This article republished from January 2011)

The constellation of Ophiuchus has always been in the Zodiac, ever since the Ancient Greeks mapped the constellations we use in astrology today. Astronomers often refer to Ophiuchus as the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac, as it does touch the Zodiac. Ophiuchus however, did not become a part of Astrology in Ancient Greece, it is simply not part of the tradition we follow. This is not going to change.

The constellation of Ophiuchus has always been in the Zodiac

The constellation Ophiuchus

The other part of this mystery is something astronomers call Precession. Precession leads to a gradual change in the position of the sun against the background of stars over time. Over a 26,000 year cycle, the positions in space that the Earth’s north and south polls point at complete a large circle against the background of stars. Effectively the position of the constellations we see in summer and winter respectively change completely over thousands of years. Precession has also been known since ancient times. It is nothing new. Precession also does not affect your birth sign in our traditional form of astrology.

The fact that Precession has slowly moved the constellations away from the positions they were in when our astrological traditions began in Ancient Greece does not change the way astrology works. Astrology asks where are the planets in relation to the Earth, regardless of star positions. The star signs we use today are simply easily understood containers in which we are all put to make things easier to understand. These star signs were set in ancient times. The ancients categorised people by where the sun was against the stars approximately 2500 years ago. Since then, it is the positions of the planets that matter, not the position of the stars, which change over time through Precession.

Your star sign is related to the planetary positions, which we still describe for convenience sake via the constellation positions in Ancient Greece. Planetary positions in relation to the Earth, the things that actually matter, are not affected by Precession. The result? Your star sign (or more correctly called your sun sign) has not and will not change. Leo is Leo. Aries is Aries.

This entire confusion was brought about because some people misunderstood an article by an astronomer describing Precession. The entire confusion is simply a misunderstanding. Your star sign has not changed. Everyone please stop worrying.

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