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November 2012 Scorpio Solar Eclipse

On November 13th 2012 Scorpio experiences a rare Solar Eclipse. The November 2012 Solar Eclipse can be seen from Northern Australia and across the Pacific Ocean.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when The Moon in its orbit comes between The Earth and The Sun and creates a shadow across a small area of The Earth.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipses are some of the most challenging times for those Zodiac signs affected, due to the absolute focus of The Sun combined with an immediate New Moon. There are many upheavals and changes likely to be wrought by this event in many different aspects of life. Many people who are particularly attuned to The Sun or The Moon feel the effects beginning and ending a few days either side of the Eclipse.

This year the effects will be most strongly felt by Scorpio, and to a lesser extent on Taurus.

If you are feeling any negative focus around this time the best advice is to hold off and don’t be too forceful or ambitious with new ideas that involve imposing changes on others. They will simply resist. Some people will have any relationship problems show up and if there are any cracks they are likely to widen.

If you sense a storm brewing around the November 13th 2012 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, then best take a short period of respite away from any conflicting emotions and opinions.

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