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October relationship chances for Scorpio males

With Mars in Scorpio at the beginning of October 2012, many males of that Zodiac sign may see this as a chance to take charge of their own relationship opportunities and in doing so make the most of what they have at present. For Scorpio males who are single, the feeling is this is the time to boldly go and seek out pastures new.

But for every Scorpio male, there must be a caution in the approach to members of the opposite sex. There is a limited time to make the most of the Mars male effects on Scorpio, as Mars will soon enter Sagittarius on October 7th 2012. Added to the limited time of Mars in Scorpio is something even more important, the squared effects of Venus in Leo and then is Virgo from October 3rd 2012.

Whilst we would not be as bold as to suggest the flighty and moody Scorpio male should hold back and not even try to make the most of the opportunity afforded by Mars in Scorpio, the October 2012 Scorpio male should do so in the knowledge that they will have to prove more than just boldness of spirit to win their loves greater affections.

The average female can see through any Scorpio man who is all sweet talk with nothing behind it to prove their worth. Both Leo and Virgo females under the affects of Venus will be particularly attuned to seeking out the reasons behind the words of a Scorpio male.

For Scorpio males the first week of October 2012 is a time for you to make some bold moves with your partner, or if single to make the first move with that long admired female. Beware the feminine power the Square of Venus with Mars will bring however, especially if they are either Leo or Virgo girls. Make sure your feelings are true or they will see through the bravado.

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