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Thoughts on Venus aspects for early August 2012

The week ahead from Monday August 6th 2012 is very busy for anyone sensitive to Venus, once the trine with Neptune on August 9th passes. The main effects people will feel, as Venus trines Neptune, will be all about their creative side. If you were planning a change of scenery within the home, redecoration, even just a new layout to your furniture, this is the week to do it. If you have an artistic side you will feel the benefits in art, music, writing etc. Things will change in the coming days. Everyone will come down to earth with a bang a week later as Venus squares Uranus and opposes Pluto almost at the same time on August 16th 2012. The tendency for people to become more than over emotional when Venus opposes Pluto will stop any creative juices flowing in an instant. Expect this to happen all of a sudden just as the square with Uranus occurs. Make hey while the sun shines and all that.

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