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Mars Venus squared in September 2012

The contrasting effects on male and female from the eternal conflict that is alignment between planets Mars and Venus is shown in good measure during September 2012.

For the previous weeks and months Venus has threatened at various times to square with Mars. Mars in turn has done its best to avoid the situation. For every relationship between male and female, not necessarily just romantically, there has been an air of uncertainty in how best to approach members of the opposite sex of various signs. The usual rules of engagement between the genders was mutable as energy flows between the two planets became staccato rather than a steady stream. This could easily manifest itself in tensions within both the workplace and at home, but as always very obviously in the bedroom is where most questions arose.

Two pairings have seen particularly strong conflicting emotions, Leo female with Aquarius male, and Aries female with Libra male, with the Mars and Venus effects reaching a crescendo at the very end of September 2012.

At the end of September 2012 Venus in Leo finally squares Mars in Scorpio. This is a time to choose between some stark options. In work, choose which members of opposite sex you need to make alliances with. At home, which friends and relatives need nurturing and which need distancing. In the bedroom, set the rules and stick to them strictly. This is not a time for affections to wonder outside your permanent relationship.

For singles, if you are looking for a new relationship, as stated above, Leo female with Aquarius male, and Aries female with Libra male will make interesting bed fellows, combinations that are sometimes considered less than auspicious.

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