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Mercury Turning Retrograde

One of the least noted aspects of whenever Mercury turns retrograde is the fact this happens only when The Sun and Mercury are at their greatest separation. Away from the overwhelming glow of The Sun the moment of Mercury retrograde has therefore, an even greater effect and changeability on everything and anything than when any other planet turns retrograde. Other planetary retrogrades never have such a profound effect on those who are particularly attuned to Mercury, including especially Virgo and Aquarius who are exhalted in Mercury, and also whichever sign Mercury happens to turn retrograde inside.

For those who are attuned to the Mercury retrograde, you may often feel a little apprehensive as the moment approaches, as often times this aspect can send you back the way you came, and you lose momentum. Your communication skills will be at a low point, and you may not feel like starting any new projects or attempting something new that you would otherwise have done, but there is the plus side. You know it is coming, and you know you have to change tracks, so take the opportunity to move off at a tangent rather than in reverse.  Try a completely different approach to your problem solving, and do not be afraid to make radical suggestions. In the end you have nothing to lose and can turn a retrograde step in to a lateral move in your favour.

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