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The Gemini Man:

The Gemini man is always on the move with quick eyes seeing new possibilities. He is eager to explore more of the world and it takes him a long time to settle in to a new routine. He is the man who can multi task like a woman.

image of the gemini man

Gemini males are great salesmen and can persuade anyone to do anything when the are in the mood. His welcoming nature means he always has a wide circle of friends from different walks of life. He is a collector of other people's opinions that he incorporates and makes his own.

In love Gemini men are always diplomatic and can talk out of any compromising positions they might find themselves in. They are confident they can get away with cheeky flirting even when part of a couple. Woman are attracted to his wit and humour above all else. You may find it difficult to pin down his true emotions and actually find out if he loves you.

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