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The Cancer Woman:

The Cancer woman has very expressive eyes and can show her mood to to close to her with nothing more than a glance. If your partner is a Cancer female and you do not pick this up or worse still, read things wrong, she will not be happy.

image of the cancer woman

Cancer woman can be very shy at first but can smoulder under the surface without showing any obvious signs of sexual attraction.

Cancer women can be a little introspective and when emotional can hold things in more than they should rather then discussing things with a close friend. She will work on intuition as much as logic and hard facts, only ever coming to her own conclusions about a situation rather than being dictated to.

Cancer woman have a stronger the average maternal instinct and will protect the needs of her family above her own. Her friends will always remain loyal as they know they will receive the same from her.

Cancer females rarely act on an impulse as they prefer to sit back and analyse the words and deeds of those around them before making their mind up how to react. She has a long memory for those who have slighted her in the past.

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