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The Aries Woman:

The typical Aries woman is a strong character. She likes to be active and shows a natural energy to get things started and then most importantly finished.

image of the aries woman

Aries woman often like strong colours and are happy to wear something bright and bold at any time, and is happy to be seen by others. She likes to wear powerful scents and perfumes to match her outfit, but will dress for the occasion quite appropriately.

Aries females are bright and optimistic and like meeting new people. She will fearlessly take someone on in a verbal argument and is not afraid to speak her mind when the situation demands it.

The Aries woman likes to have a wide variety of interests and works best when not tied to the desk or stuck at home. Career is just as important as family, although nothing will ever come between an Aries woman and her loved ones. Loyalty is both expected and given.

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